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Sepia and blue toned gelatin silver print from a double exposed from 120mm black and white film. 6 1/2 x 8 1/2 inches, 1/1


I am a  photographer and educator, currently based in Seattle, Washington.  I knew I was hooked on photography when I took my first class in 1978 making silver prints and shooting film and learning all things photographic.  Over thirty-five years later and I am a photo-omnivore, devouring all types of photographs, in love with process, cameras, making images.

After receiving an MFA in Photography from Pratt Institute in 1985, I worked as an editorial photographer.  Given a chance to teach a class at ICP, I discovered teaching was a much better way to earn a living than taking photographs for other people.

Since 1995,  I have taught photography part or full-time, in a variety of venues, from the International Center of Photography in NYC to the University of Puget Sound and of course Photographic Center NW in Seattle. I taught digital and film photography to about 200 high school students a year for 24 years in the public school system.  I retired from that this past year.

I continue to work in my studio in the SoDo neighborhood of Seattle.   The Pinhole Project began in 2013 and continues with almost 4000 images.  The Pinhole Project has its own website! Go and take a look and ask for a camera to make a long exposure pinhole!  the website is:  www.thepinholeproject.org. Be a part of the project!   These days, I am primarily a pinhole photographer working with a 4 x 5 pinhole camera on color negative film and the Zero 120 roll film pinhole camera.  I do many types of pinhole which you can see on other parts of this website.  I have been involved with pinhole photography in some form for about 25 years.

I am shooting four pinhole photographs at weddings.  Have done five weddings now and love all of the images from them.  Here is one from a recent wedding that took place on Cape Cod.  This image was taken the night before the wedding at a beach party.  The gray blobs are people watching the sunset.  45-minute exposure.

Empire State Building, 1982, 1/15
Empire State Building, 1982, 1/15
After the Blizzard, Pier 12, 1982

My Work

Some of my recent landscape work with the 4 x 5 Pinhole was shown at  Bainbridge Island Museum of Art in 2017. The Nighttime Portfolios:  Images of Georgetown, continue.  I am thrilled to have printed several images from this portfolio, in an edition two summers ago and exhibited 10 images in a show titled  Urban in Pioneer Square at Gallery 110.  My studio is home to over thirty years of photographic images, all for sale.  If you would like to arrange a studio visit, please contact me at the email below.

Thank you for visiting this website.  The front page of this website contains blog posts about my current meanderings in photography.  Images are embedded in the blog and also can be seen in the portfolio section of the website.

Big in a Small Space, Port Orchard, 2003, 1/15