Innards: Pinhole Landscapes

I have posted a lot of these images before but now I am hopeful that I can make them into a portfolio and put it up on this website.  Here is the statement that I have written about these images: The images in this collection are made on color negative film,...

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Featured image:  Stanley Ave South and South Albro I have been working for the last several years on a project called NightTime. These images were all made within the neighborhood where I live near the Georgetown neighborhood of Seattle.  The neighborhood  is a...

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FIREWORKS: 2007-2009

I photographed people with fireworks for the three years along the Duwamish River in Seattle on the Fourth of July.  Initially I was interested in the time exposure, to see just how much I could blend and blur the fireworks, people and the light to create a workable...

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I made these images of the Red Hook section of Brooklyn when I lived there for 10 years from 1981-1991.  I wasn't consciously trying to make a statement about the this dilapidated area, I just photographed what unfolded before me as I walked the neighborhood  with my...

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I photographed my daughter from birth until she moved away to go to college at age 18.  At first the images were casual portraits, made when the moment arose.  Gradually I realized that I was not photographing the events in her life such birthday parties, Christmas...

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I don't know why I have taken so many self-portraits or what meaning they might have as photographs. But I have been taking them steadily since I first started out as a photographer in 1978.  Many of them were/are reactions to conscious or unconscious stimuli, moments...

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I went to Italy in 1998 for seven weeks.  I photographed daily and made about 4000 images on film with 35mm and medium format cameras.  We lived in a small village in northern Tuscany up in the hills with beautiful light, great food and long days of exploring, napping...

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For several years I wore an 8x loupe around my neck almost every day. I initially used it to examine negatives and contact sheets for my darkroom work. As time went on and my close-up vision grew less reliable, I started to use the loupe for many different purposes,...

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These images in the portfolio called Squares  were made over the last 20 years during various road trips. For me, the road trip represents time to get lost, to drive with and without an agenda, to shoot and dream and nap and eat in the car.  The prints have been...

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